Ep 41: Mid-Year Reset: Recommit, Reflect, and Realign for Success

How do you feel about doing a mid-year reset? We’re officially halfway through the year, making it the perfect time to reset and refocus on your goals. It’s easy to start the year with drive and ambition, only to lose momentum as the months go by. But remember, January doesn’t have a monopoly on fresh starts. In this episode, we’ll discuss how you can use this mid-year moment to recommit to your existing goals or set new ones that align with your current path. With six months left in the year, there’s plenty of time to get back on track and achieve a great rest of the year.

I’ll give you several thought-provoking questions to help you reflect on the past six months and plan for the rest of the year. You’ll learn the value of celebrating your successes and why it’s important to approach goal-setting from a place of strength and positivity rather than disappointment. We’ll also talk about the difference between optional and factual thoughts and how to establish habits that will help you reach your goals. Whether your vision has changed or remained the same, it’s okay to adjust your goals. Listen in to discover how to ensure you’re still aligned with your vision for the year and make the most of the months ahead.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why you don’t have to wait until January for a fresh start. 
  • The benefits of regular goal check-ins. 
  • The importance of celebrating successes. 
  • How to distinguish between optional and factual thoughts. 
  • How to reflect on your accomplishments this year. 
  • The value of ensuring alignment with your yearly vision. 

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“January does not have the monopoly on fresh starts.” – Elisia Keown Share on X “Focus on where you’re winning in your business.” – Elisia Keown Share on X “It is okay to change your mind. If your vision or your goals have changed for the year, that is okay!” – Elisia Keown Share on X

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