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As a busy Leader with a large team, you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to researching how to solve the challenges with leading people that come up in the workplace, however, it’s those issues that are keeping you up at night. You want to focus on leading your team to WIN, and you’re stuck spending time thinking about how to solve an issue with your team instead. You’d love to focus on the business at hand, but you can’t get past dealing with the issues with people that keep coming up at work.

This podcast will offer short episodes that tackle the themes and trends that come up most often for C-suite and Executive Leaders and the applicable coaching solutions that you can take away and implement immediately to make a difference.

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You'll be able to dive right into your most immediate challenge and work directly with Elisia to help you generate solutions to move you and your team forward to success.

Ep 41: Mid-Year Reset: Recommit, Reflect, and Realign for Success

How do you feel about doing a mid-year reset? We're officially halfway through the year, making it the perfect time to reset and refocus on your goals. It's easy to start the year with drive and ambition, only to lose momentum as the months go by. But remember, January doesn't have a monopoly on fresh starts. In this episode, we'll ...
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Ep 40: The Essential Guide to Rest for Senior Leaders

As senior leaders, how are you caring for yourself and ensuring you get the rest you need? It's crucial for our success to book time for ourselves or schedule time in our calendars for self-care. Today, we’re discussing the importance of rest and the different ways to achieve it. Rest isn't just about sleep—there are seven types of rest, and ...
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Ep 39: Compensation Conversations as a Senior Leader

Are you ready to tackle difficult conversations around compensation as a senior leader? In this episode, I address the common scenario of an associate approaching you to discuss their pay package. I'll guide you through navigating the discomfort and frustration that often accompany such discussions, helping you feel confident and prepared for what lies ahead. You will learn about the ...
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Ep 38: Transitioning Roles as a Senior Leader 

How do senior leaders navigate transitions with grace and confidence? In this episode, we dive into the art of transitioning roles, whether it's leaving for new opportunities or preparing for significant changes within a current role. How do you reset and redefine your brand during transitions? Discover the importance of separating yourself from your job title and understanding the intrinsic ...
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 Ep 37: Leadership Identity

Leadership identity, especially as you progress into senior leadership roles, is a journey filled with challenges. As you navigate new expectations and evolve your leadership style, some smoothly adapt, recognizing the need to shed old habits and embrace new skills, while others struggle to shed outdated approaches. Today we discuss the potential pitfalls that arise during this transition and explore ...
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Ep 36: FAQs – Career Changes, Cleaning Out Your Thoughts and Team Management

In this episode, I'll be answering common questions I receive from senior leaders. We start by tackling career changes, exploring strategies for those considering transitions, and the importance of leveraging networks and executive recruiters for guidance. Next we will be exploring questions about board roles, offering advice on navigating responsibilities, and asking the right questions to make informed decisions. Whether ...
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Ep 35: Choosing Confidence to Be a Better Leader

Ever wondered how to cultivate unwavering confidence as a senior leader? In today's episode, we dive into the mindset of confidence in the workplace and how it impacts leadership effectiveness. Contrary to popular belief, confidence isn't an inherent trait but rather a deliberate choice. We'll explore how you can proactively choose confidence, regardless of your circumstances or outcomes, and leverage ...
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 Ep 34: 6 Networking Hurdles That Executives Encounter

Navigating the intricacies of networking can be particularly daunting for senior executives, who face a unique set of challenges in advancing their careers. While advice exists for junior professionals, there is a noticeable gap in guidance tailored to seasoned leaders. In this episode, I'll explain the six common networking hurdles senior executives often encounter and practical strategies to overcome them. ...
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Ep 33: Discover Your Leadership Authority: Take Charge Today!

Rather than waiting for others to dictate the course, it's time to realize the authority within ourselves as leaders. In this episode, I will explain the reasons behind deferring decisions and strategies to break free from this cycle. From navigating uncertainty with confidence to fostering self-awareness around our leadership capabilities, this episode offers advice for those hoping to take charge ...
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 Ep 32: The Art of Feedback Delivery

Stepping into the realm of leadership comes with the challenge of delivering feedback, a process often laden with anxiety and self-doubt. In this episode, we unravel the complexities of feedback delivery, exploring the fears, imposter syndrome, and uncertainty that can prevent leaders from doing this important task. You will learn strategies for overcoming the fear of delivering feedback, initiating open ...
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Ep 31: Empowering Women: Navigating Leadership, Boundaries, and Community with Amanda Herring

Today Amanda Herring, CEO and Co-Founder of Fe league, joins the show to share her insights into women's leadership, community-building, and the transformative power of authentic conversations. Discover Amanda's mission to redefine women's leadership groups, focusing on inclusivity, authenticity, and genuine support. In this episode, she candidly shares her personal journey, emphasizing the significance of trusting intuition, setting boundaries, and ...
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Ep 30: Performance Reviews: A Leadership Guide for the New Year

Today we're kicking off the new year with a critical discussion on performance reviews. Crafting and delivering performance reviews can be a daunting task, but in this episode, we unravel the complexities and explore the significance of this annual ritual. Ever wondered why performance reviews are essential for organizational success? Or how your leadership style influences the process? You'll learn ...
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