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As a busy Leader with a large team, you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to researching how to solve the challenges with leading people that come up in the workplace, however, it’s those issues that are keeping you up at night. You want to focus on leading your team to WIN, and you’re stuck spending time thinking about how to solve an issue with your team instead. You’d love to focus on the business at hand, but you can’t get past dealing with the issues with people that keep coming up at work.

This podcast will offer short episodes that tackle the themes and trends that come up most often for C-suite and Executive Leaders and the applicable coaching solutions that you can take away and implement immediately to make a difference.

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Ep 24: Presentation Energy: The Key to Meeting Success

Are we overemphasizing the minutiae in our meetings at the expense of the bigger picture? The words within our speech hold importance, but the true essence of a successful presentation lies in the energy you bring to the room. In this episode, we explore the intricacies of preparing for a presentation or meeting, with a focus on executive presence, presentation ...
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Ep 23: Coaching vs. Directing Your Team as a Leader

Have you ever found yourself eager to jump into "fix it" mode when a team member presents a challenge, craving swift solutions to maintain productivity? The balancing act of when to coach, providing guidance, and when to provide clear direction can be daunting. In this episode, we explore the art of active listening as a leader and how to discern ...
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Ep 22: Embracing Negative Feelings for Leadership Success

As leaders, understanding and effectively dealing with our emotions is paramount. In this episode, we explore the idea that it's not only acceptable, but necessary to acknowledge and embrace negative feelings. Often, we set unrealistic expectations of perpetual happiness for ourselves, which can lead to disappointment and frustration. But by recognizing that life consists of a balance between positive and ...
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Ep 21: Empowering Middle Managers: Navigating Challenges and Building Support

Have you ever wondered why so many middle managers are leaving their roles in search of new opportunities? The answer lies in their growing sense of undervaluation and overwork, coupled with the realization that there are better avenues for aligning with their personal goals. This mass exodus is driven by burnout resulting from relentless changes in the workplace, whether it's ...
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Ep 20: Taking Massive Action: Leading Through Discomfort and Failure 

Can fear be a compass guiding us towards success? In today's episode, we explore the concept of "massive action" and its significance in leadership. Imagine a journey where every stride is confident, every stumble a stepping stone, and the goal is pursued with unrelenting excitement. But what exactly is "massive action"? It's not just motion; it's an unyielding commitment to ...
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Ep 19: Decoding Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a concept that often arises in executive-level conversations, with many emphasizing its importance in leadership roles. However, the term can sometimes seem elusive and intimidating, leading some to question their own capabilities in this area. In this episode, I aim to demystify the concept of strategic thinking and shed light on its true essence. Listen in as ...
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Ep 18: How to Master Tough Conversations

Confronting difficult conversations can be quite challenging. Finding the right words to say can feel impossible, making it tempting to succumb to nervousness and avoid the entire conversation altogether. However, particularly as a leader, mastering the art of handling tough conversations becomes an essential part of the role. In this episode, I will give you the necessary tools to conquer ...
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Ep 17: The Manual: Breaking Free from Expectations in the Workplace

Today we're talking about the manual, a powerful yet often unnoticed force that can impact our jobs as leaders if not controlled. As humans, we bring our own beliefs and values from various aspects of our lives, shaping an internal guidebook for how we want others to behave in order to find happiness and fulfillment. These beliefs become the foundation ...
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Ep 16: The Invisible Work

Today we explore the often overlooked aspect of success known as the "invisible work." As we ascend the ranks as a leader, a shift occurs, demanding a new set of skills and knowledge. Gone are the days of purely tactical skills; now, we must embrace a different identity. In this episode, I will break down the invisible work that goes ...
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Ep 15: The Power of a Strong Care Team

Have you ever wondered how some people effortlessly juggle successful careers, impeccable appearances, and pristine homes? Well, here's the secret they won't tell you: they have a rock-solid care team supporting them every step of the way. Picture this: you're longing for more quality time with your family, but instead find yourself drowning in a never-ending cycle of cleaning. It's ...
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Ep 14: Unplugging for Success: Prioritizing Time Off and Embracing Work-Life Balance as a Leader

While many leaders excel in their professional responsibilities, they often neglect the crucial aspect of taking time off for their own success and well-being. However, all evidence points to higher productivity levels after disconnecting and giving the brain and body a much-needed break. In this episode, I will address these common struggles faced by executives when it comes to prioritizing ...
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Ep 13: From Arrival to Ambition: Navigating Success as an Executive or C-Suite Leader

As an executive or a C-suite leader, have you ever wondered if it's possible to be grateful for where you are while still pursuing your next big goal? After years of hard work and dedication to reach your current level of success, it's normal to experience a sense of arrival and wonder what's next. But how do you navigate the ...
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