Ep 19: Decoding Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a concept that often arises in executive-level conversations, with many emphasizing its importance in leadership roles. However, the term can sometimes seem elusive and intimidating, leading some to question their own capabilities in this area. In this episode, I aim to demystify the concept of strategic thinking and shed light on its true essence.

Listen in as I dive into the core of what it means to think strategically. I’ll address common questions like, “What do executives mean when they ask for strategic input?” and “How can I embody a strategic mindset in my role?” By breaking down the concept, I hope to dispel any intimidation surrounding it and emphasize that strategic thinking is a skill that can be nurtured and developed.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What it means to think strategically.
  • What can hold us back from thinking strategically.
  • How to make time to think strategically.
  • Actionable tips to think strategically as a leader.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The only way that you know if you have a breakthrough strategy is in the future. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet Make an educated guess and then start taking action. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet You don’t always have to have the perfect right answer as a leader. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet

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