Ep 20: Taking Massive Action: Leading Through Discomfort and Failure 

Can fear be a compass guiding us towards success? In today’s episode, we explore the concept of “massive action” and its significance in leadership. Imagine a journey where every stride is confident, every stumble a stepping stone, and the goal is pursued with unrelenting excitement. But what exactly is “massive action”? It’s not just motion; it’s an unyielding commitment to chase your goals, tailoring your path according to your unique ambitions. 

Fear, often seen as a hindrance, can be a catalyst for growth. As leaders, these feelings signal a path towards untapped potential rather than failure. We’ll explore strategies to turn discomfort into a driving force, revealing how leaders can find success by navigating through uncharted territories.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What taking massive action looks like.
  • Why we feel uncomfortable pursuing massive action.
  • How to overcome the fear of failure.
  • The benefit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable as an entrepreneur.
  • How to avoid taking passive action.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Don’t stop taking action on your goal until you reach it. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet Sometimes you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet Having failures along the way is part of the game. It is what we need to anticipate as a leader. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet

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