Ep 02: Overcoming Your Leadership Fears

Having the privilege of leading others is generally a wonderful opportunity that can be fulfilling and rewarding. Unfortunately, leaders can sometimes allow themselves to be consumed by fear or insecurity which then drives bad practices that ruin relationships and hinder results. So, how can we overcome our leadership fears? In this episode, I will be explaining how to identify your leadership fears and face them head-on so that you can increase your influence and impact in the workplace.

Listen in as I describe common leadership fears and why these fears frequently come up. You will learn how to rewire your brain to be more confident when dealing with uncomfortable situations, why recognizing the worst-case scenario can actually be beneficial, and the benefit of rewarding yourself for doing the tough thing —even if it felt scary to do.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to face your leadership fears.
  • Common leadership fears.
  • The evolution of leadership fears.
  • How to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • The benefit of writing down your thoughts.
  • Why you don’t have to be perfect all of the time.
  • The importance of having your own back.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The voice of our fears tries to drown out the desire for us to lead our team to success. Don’t let this happen. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet We as leaders have to overcome some of our instinctual thoughts and rewire our brain to be comfortable with discomfort. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet Fear is not a bad thing. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet

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