Ep 15: The Power of a Strong Care Team

Have you ever wondered how some people effortlessly juggle successful careers, impeccable appearances, and pristine homes? Well, here’s the secret they won’t tell you: they have a rock-solid care team supporting them every step of the way. Picture this: you’re longing for more quality time with your family, but instead find yourself drowning in a never-ending cycle of cleaning. It’s time to consider hiring a cleaner and trading money for precious moments with your loved ones. The same can be applied to most areas of your life. In this episode, I will explain how to craft the perfect care team while letting go of the guilt and shame that sometimes comes with asking for help.

Take a moment to audit where you stand in your personal and professional life. It’s crucial to recognize your own value and embrace the idea that investing in yourself is not a luxury but a necessity. Shed the guilt of outsourcing and start treating yourself as the asset you truly are. Discover the importance of knowing what truly matters to you, aligning your support system with your values, and unlocking your optimal state.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The benefit of asking for help when you need it.
  • How to build a strong care team for yourself.
  • The importance of truly knowing what is important to you.
  • Why you shouldn’t feel ashamed to outsource help.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Start to drop some of the guilt and the shame around outsourcing and asking for help. – Elisia Keown Share on X If you don’t view yourself as an asset and make sure that you have what you need in order to be at your optimal state, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. – Elisia Keown Share on X You have to be at your best and healthiest in order to stay on top of your game. – Elisia Keown Share on X

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