Ep 14: Unplugging for Success: Prioritizing Time Off and Embracing Work-Life Balance as a Leader

While many leaders excel in their professional responsibilities, they often neglect the crucial aspect of taking time off for their own success and well-being. However, all evidence points to higher productivity levels after disconnecting and giving the brain and body a much-needed break. In this episode, I will address these common struggles faced by executives when it comes to prioritizing time away from work. We dive into the reasons behind this mindset, exploring the overwhelming feelings of leaving work to others and the fear of potential mistakes.

Listen in as I discuss the benefits of taking time off and how leaders can prepare for their well-deserved breaks. From effective communication with the team to setting clear expectations, I provide insights on creating a smooth transition and ensuring everyone is fully prepared. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of truly disconnecting and resisting the urge to check in for the sake of it. Discover how prioritizing time off can lead to relaxation, mental reset, and provide the opportunity for your team to demonstrate their capabilities.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why so many leaders feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking time off work.
  • The importance of taking time off of work.
  • How to give your team an opportunity to prove themselves.
  • How to prepare for your time away from work.
  • The importance of creating contingency plans for your time away.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

All of the evidence points to levels of higher productivity after your brain and your body have unplugged for a while. – Elisia Keown Share on X It really benefits you, your brain, and your body to truly check out and relax while you’re on vacation. Resist the urge to check in for the sake of checking in. – Elisia Keown Share on X Communication is key when planning on taking time off of work. – Elisia Keown Share on X

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