Ep 22: Embracing Negative Feelings for Leadership Success

As leaders, understanding and effectively dealing with our emotions is paramount. In this episode, we explore the idea that it’s not only acceptable, but necessary to acknowledge and embrace negative feelings. Often, we set unrealistic expectations of perpetual happiness for ourselves, which can lead to disappointment and frustration. But by recognizing that life consists of a balance between positive and negative emotions, we can develop the emotional intelligence needed to navigate challenges effectively.

Listen in as I share my tips on handling emotions, fostering self-awareness, and becoming more empathetic and effective leaders. In a world where emotional intelligence is an invaluable asset, I hope to offer you practical guidance for harnessing the power of emotional management. This newfound self-awareness not only benefits our personal growth, but also enhances our leadership abilities, allowing us to positively impact our teams and organizations.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How managing our emotions at work can help us become better leaders.
  • How our feelings contribute to our actions.
  • Why we can’t be happy all of the time.
  • The importance of feeling our feelings.
  • How to feel our feelings without acting on them.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Emotional management of oneself is super important in the workplace. – Elisia Keown Share on X We set ourselves up for disappointment when we think we have to be happy all of the time. – Elisia Keown Share on X If you can understand what is going on for you, and in turn understand how to better lead your team and interact with the rest of the organization, the ripple effects are immense. – Elisia Keown Share on X

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