Ep 21: Empowering Middle Managers: Navigating Challenges and Building Support

Have you ever wondered why so many middle managers are leaving their roles in search of new opportunities? The answer lies in their growing sense of undervaluation and overwork, coupled with the realization that there are better avenues for aligning with their personal goals. This mass exodus is driven by burnout resulting from relentless changes in the workplace, whether it’s the uncertainty of being laid off during the pandemic or the constant pressure from irate customers and executive leaders when things don’t go as smoothly as expected. But what’s at the heart of this issue? In this episode, I will break down why middle managers are struggling to lead effectively and how you can make a difference.

Listen in to hear about the importance of helping your manager define their unique leadership style, understanding the impact they have on their teams, and supporting them in making crucial decisions while providing the necessary accountability for growth and learning. You’ll discover strategies for investing in their professional growth and providing valuable resources that enable them to evolve, learn, and experience success as authentic leaders.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What the middle manager migration is.
  • How to manage accountability.
  • Why it is essential to teach our managers how to lead.
  • How to help your manager define their own leadership style.
  • How to support management with decision-making.
  • The value in investing in your management’s development.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

You can be equally unproductive while sitting in the office as you can sitting at home. – Elisia Keown Share on X The investment into middle managers and teaching people how to lead really well is the key to this. – Elisia Keown Share on X Middle management have to be accountable for decisions they make. It is the only way to learn. – Elisia Keown Share on X

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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