Ep 29: What Does It Take To Achieve Success?

What does it truly take to reach your goals? While determination and positive thoughts are necessary, there are often overlooked elements that play a crucial role in your journey. In this episode, I will share several tips to plan ahead for the objectives you want to set.

You will hear about the rollercoaster of emotions associated with goal planning, from initial uncertainty and anxiety to eventual comfort and determination, as well as how to navigate obstacles without losing sight of optimism and maintain your determination throughout the entire process. Listen in for actionable tips on overcoming challenges, embracing uncertainty, and ensuring success on your path to achieving goals.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What you need to achieve big goals.
  • The importance of checking in on your goals.
  • How to plan for goals you want to set for yourself.
  • What we can do to plan for obstacles.
  • How to stay determined.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

We can do hard things. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet There must be a way to figure this out, I just need to take the next best step. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet It’s all going to work out. – Elisia Keown Click To Tweet

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